Application Assurance

In todays world, application uptime and performance are critical to the success of your business. Anuview deliver a clear arial view of every single application and how each one is performing, giving you the full picture of what’s working and what’s not.

Anuview’s bespoke platform stitches information from every aspect of your network to give full visibility on the performance of your critical business applications.

Why we’re different:
• No hardware
• No probes or agents
• Simple deployment
• Instant results

• Market leading flow performance
• Measure supplier SLA’s
• Rapid troubleshooting
• Single source of truth on business performance
• Improve IT productivity
• Increased collaboration between business silos
• Improved demand management

With no probes or agents required, Flow gives you enterprise level performance with no expensive upfront costs.


• First Packet Response

• Per millisecond reporting

• Syslog processing

• Full NetFlow support – V1, V5, V7, V9, IPFix, Sflow, Jflow, NSEL

• Native IPV6 Support

• L2 Address collection

• Per millisecond forensics reporting

• Integrated event viewing and filtering

• Long term device / interface throughput reporting