Understanding end-user experience just got easier
— whether you're a WLAN expert or not.

Seamless setup: Plug in, start testing

Seamless setup of the sensor allows you to just plug it in and start testing. From the mobile connection to the adhesive mount, everything has been designed for the easiest, fastest setup:

  • Adhesive for tool-free mounting in couple minutes
  • Mobile connection auto downloads setting in minutes
  • Web-based setup to enter SSID details
  • Standard tests and thresholds come preconfigured
  • Secure mount provided for public locations
  • So easy you can mail to a remote location

Intuitive WiFi Dashboard

Unique dashboard provides real-time visual notifications if there is an issue – and what it is. Five traffic lights show the status of:

  • Experience: overall user experience
  • WiFi: WiFi connectivity and quality
  • Network: core network services
  • Internal: your most critical internal services, like captive portals
  • External: important external services

Under each traffic light, the indicators show you status of each location, SSID, service and application.

For each sensor, you can see real-time and historical:

  • User Experience Status
  • Warning and Issue details
  • Signal Strength (RSSI)
  • Band
  • Channel
  • DHCP response time
  • DNS lookup time
  • Latency to each service
  • Jitter to each service
  • Packet loss to each service
  • and more… as a part of the subscription new features are added or updated on a regular basis


• Continuous scanning & association testing

• Authentication testing - Open, PSK, WPA, WAP2-Enterprise

• 802.1x (EAP-PEAP, EAP-TLS)

• Captive Portal Testing

• DNS and DHCP performance

• Performance and throughput (HTTP, Iperf)

• Application throughput (Dropbox, youTube, ...)

• 30 days data storage (realtime datastore)

• Download raw aggregated data instantly

• Rolling buffer packet capture

• Resiliency & security features

• Live chat with support