LinkRunner G2

The World’s First Android-based Smart Network Tester for the Connected World
  • Twisted pair testing 10/100/1000BASE‑T
  • Fiber optic testing 100/1000BASE‑X
  • Automated network connectivity testing
  • Android-based OS for Ethernet connected app use
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ready
  • Loaded power testing up to UPOE on all 4 pairs
  • Cable validation including distance‑to‑fault
  • Discover the nearest switch/slot/port and VLAN/Voice VLAN
  • DHCP, DNS and Gateway connectivity test
  • Ping and TCP port connectivity test
  • Automated test result upload to Link- Live Cloud Service
  • Packet reflection up to 1 Gbps

LinkRunner G2 Smart Network Tester

The LinkRunner™ G2 smart network tester streamlines workflows by combining the essential aspects of installation and triage in a single, ruggedized unit. As the world’s leading network connectivity tester, LinkRunner provides immediate visibility and value to network professionals responsible for delivering network services. By combining Ethernet test capabilities for copper and Fiber links with the Android™ OS1, LinkRunner G2 represents a breakthrough in handheld network test that elevates the proficiency and productivity of network technicians responsible for troubleshooting as well as deployment and validation of network connected devices.

LinkRunner G2 Key Features:
  • Verify connectivity at 10/100/1000 over copper or 10/1000 over fiber
  • Android-based OS
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable with optional Edimax2 adapter
  • TruePower™ PoE/UPOE load testing across all 4 pairs
  • Cable validation including distance to fault
  • Discover the nearest switch/slot/port and VLAN/Voice VLAN
  • DHCP, DNS and Gateway connectivity test
  • Ping and TCP port connectivity test
  • Automated test result upload to Link-Live Cloud Service
  • Packet reflection up to 1 Gbps
Eliminate Security Risk of Using Personal Devices

Many technicians today use their personal mobile device on the job to access vendor apps, check trouble tickets, look up technical documents, calculate IP address ranges, con?gure network equipment, and more. However, the use of a personal device for job-related tasks could be considered a security risk. In addition, it may have only limited access to network infrastructure information (if connected to a guest VLAN, for example). But the mobile device has no ability to validate wired Ethernet infrastructure – it cannot test PoE, cabling, link negotiation or network services. While it features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, many networked end-point devices do not support these connection methods. So multiple tools are needed.

Workflow Efficiency Gains

Imagine how much time it would save to have a single device that could:

  • Receive a trouble ticket
  • View .pdf documents
  • Verify network services via AutoTest
  • Automatically document test results
  • Do all things Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that you can do with your personal mobile device with the optional Edimax2 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth USB Adapter
  • On-board camera to document installed devices, scan QR/barcodes, etc.
  • Configure any IoT device that supports an Android app or web connection via Chrome browser
  • Use Android apps to do things like:
    • Configure an IoT device (security camera, AP, lighting, HVAC)
    • Telnet into a switch
    • Run a speed test
    • Access an IP calculator
    • View info provided by a Bluetooth-supported sensor
    • Plug in a USB printer and along with the companion Android app, print labels
    • Get help – start a webex, invite others and share your screen enabling quick assistance without unnecessary downtime

The possibilities are endless as the world of smart devices goes. Apps are available for virtually anything you need to do. Visit https://link-live.com/public/apps to see the current list of readily available free apps. Don’t see something you need, just request it at the NETSCOUT® App Store and we will verify the app and get it posted.

Note: only apps that are free to consumers are available for install on LinkRunner G2, chargeable apps are not supported.

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Technical Specifications

Dimensions 3.8in x 7.7in x 1.6in (9.7cm x 19.6cm x 4.1cm)
Weight 18oz (0.51kg)
Battery Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack (3.6V, 6Ah, 21Wh)
Battery Life Typical operating life is 4 hours. Typical charge time is 7 hours.
Display 5.0 in color LCD with capacitive touch screen (480 x 800 pixels)
Keypad 1-key elastometric (power only)
Host Interface Micro USB On-the-Go port
USB Port USB 2.0 Type A port
SD Card Slot Supports Micro SD
Cable Test Pair length, crossed, reversed and distance to open, short, split.
Tone Generator Digital tone: [455 KHz]; Analog tones: [400 Hz, 1KHz]
Ports RJ-45 copper port 10/100/1000BASE-T. 100/1000BASE-X. Fiber adapter port. Fiber port supports standard SFP.
External AC Adapter/Charger AC input 90-264 Vac 48-62 Hz input power DC output 15 Vdc at 2 amps or RJ-45 via PoE
LEDs 2 LEDs (transmit and link indicators)

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature 32°F to 113°F (0°C to +45°C) NOTE: The battery will not charge if the internal temperature of the tester is above 122°F (50°C).
Operating Relative Humidity (% RH without condensation) 90% (50°F to 95°F; 10°C to 35°C) 75% (95°F to 113°F; 35°C to 45°C)
Shock and Vibrations 1 m drop test, Random, 3.8 grms, 5 Hz-500 Hz (Class 2)
Safety IEC 61010-1:2010: Pollution degree 2
Altitude 4,000m; Storage: 12,000m
EMC IEC 61326-1:2013: Basic Electromagnetic Environment; CISPR 11: Group 1, Class A

Group 1: Equipment has intentionally generated and/or uses conductively-coupled radio frequency energy that is necessary for the internal function of the equipment itself.

Class A: Equipment is suitable for use in all establishments other than domestic and those directly connected to a low-voltage power supply network that supplies buildings used for domestic purposes. There may be potential difficulties in ensuring electromagnetic compatibility in other environments due to conducted and radiated disturbances.

Certification and Compliance Standards

Conforms to relevant European Union Directives.
Conforms to relevant Australian Safety and EMC standards.
Complies with 47 CFR Part 15 requirements of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.
Certified by UL North America Safety Standards.
Conforms to relevant South Korean EMC Standards.

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