Wi-Fi Security Training

(Authentication, Encryption, Penetration testing,
Wireless Intrusion Prevention and Wi-Fi Forensics)
+ NEW – understand the latest WPA2-PSK issues (“KRACK”)
Duration - 2 Days


  • WLAN discovery techniques
  • Intrusion and attack techniques
  • 802.11 protocol analysis
  • Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems (WIPS) implementation
  • Managed endpoint security systems
  • 802.11 authentication and key management protocols
  • Building robust security networks
  • Coverage of all 802.1X/EAP types used in WLANs
  • Wireless LAN management systems
  • Authentication infrastructure design models
  • Using secure applications
  • 802.11 design architectures
  • Implementing a thorough wireless security policy


  • Administrators: network, systems, infrastructure, security, and LAN/WLANs
  • Support professionals: technical assistance and field support
  • Designers: network, systems, and infrastructure
  • Developers: wireless software and hardware products
  • Consultants and integrators: IT and security
  • Decision makers: infrastructure managers, IT managers, security directors, chief security officers, and chief technology officers

Venue and Costs

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